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Lila Holdenried has been studying fine art and studio painting since 2012.  While developing her art, she has produced a vibrant collection of paintings. Holdenried continues to hone her artistry attending advanced artist workshops and Studio Arts classes in between attending her son's basketball games with her husband.   


When asked from where she finds her inspiration, Holdenried says, "My inspiration has grown from a familial love of art.  I feel the integrity of all that has passed.  My art is not completely mine, but comes from a place of rawness.  In many areas of the U.S., we tear down, we take away, and we replace most everything representative of our history, very few structures are preserved.  I seek to re-create the feeling of antiquity and restoration.  I don't want to obscure the brushwork, nor hide the knife marks, but work the canvas to see the contours of movement and feel the nature of the texture, brushwork...the knife work, the raking, and scraffito.  Much of what I do comes from summers spent with my Mom, an art history professor, at the university and seeing canvases in the art studio classroom.  The students had painted over the same canvases because they really couldn't afford new canvas.  I loved what was in play underneath in concert with what they were painting. Really great depth..I have never forgotten it."  

Holdenried has shown in local galleries in East Tennessee and has private and corporate collection pieces in Tennessee. Her compositions are abstract, largely independent of defined form but rich in color and movement.  Her preferred work in studio and for her clients is in creating large-scale work in both acrylic and cold wax and oil on deep-profile canvas, panel and aluminum.  


Reach out for additional info and to inquire about upcoming and commissioned work..

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